23 Nov 2020

National Philanthropy Day Nominee

READ Saskatoon is honoured to recognize Pam Clarke for the 2020 Honoured Supporter Award for this year's National Philanthropy Day Saskatoon.
Pam Clarke, a lawyer who works for the Department of Justice (Canada), embodies the true spirit of philanthropy. She is generous, kindhearted, compassionate, and most importantly, rolls up her sleeve for the heavy lifting of volunteer community work.
Pam is clearly an outstanding professional, mentor, and influencer but we believe she should be viewed first as an outstanding leader. She is, and has been, a leader to those of us in the literacy sector.
Every board member wants to leave a legacy of their leadership. Although Pam’s four-year service on the board concluded in 2005, and even though she is thousands of miles away, we are touched when she continues to remain engaged in READ Saskatoon and our ongoing developments. This is the defining characteristic of an involved volunteer and philanthropist. Thank you, Pam!
You can view her nomination here.

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