01 Oct 2020

Learning During COVID and at Home Shouldn’t be Impossible. READ Saskatoon is here to help.

Saskatoon- September 30, 2020 – In 1996, READ Saskatoon published its first plain language handbooks for adults wanting to improve their reading, writing, and numeracy skills. Fifteen years later the agency just updated and republished the third edition of each book.

Sheryl Harrow-Yurach, Executive Director of READ Saskatoon says “People with strong literacy skills are more likely to be employed, work full-time and experience shorter periods of unemployment. They seek and receive further training, have more job opportunities and potential for promotion, become self-starters and manage their own career development. Strong literacy skills provide immense opportunities.”

To provide additional learning supports to clients and community members, READ Saskatoon has updated their plain language handbooks “It’s More than Numbers” and “It’s more than Words”. According to international data, 33% of Saskatchewan adults struggle with daily literacy challenges. These plain language resources provide additional support READ Saskatoon’s hundreds of clients, especially when COVID has added an extra layer of complexity around accessing learning supports. These books are meant to supplement the tutor-learner relationship and provide additional learning activities throughout the community

Special thank you to Rhea Rosvold and Blossom Communication for updating and refining these documents.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the books please visit:  

About READ Saskatoon

Established in 1979, READ Saskatoon is a volunteer literacy organization that provides adult, family, and financial literacy services to individuals and families. Literacy programs are delivered by staff and trained volunteers. Their vision is to help support a community that values literacy, and they believe that lifelong habits contribute to strong and resilient communities.


Sheryl Harrow-Yurach, Executive Director, READ Saskatoon t. 306-652-5448