04 Dec 2019

READ Saskatoon Reveals All

Saskatoon, December 4, 2019 – We asked and you answered! Thank you to those who filled out the Stakeholder Survey during the month of October. The results are in and we want to share.

The Process:

The survey was created by READ Saskatoon and sent out to our database of supporters via mail and email. The survey data was then sent to a third-party evaluator, Natasha Steinback. She sorted through the 192 responses and produced this report. The results were presented to the READ Saskatoon board of directors at the end of November.

What You Said:

Overall, the feedback was positive and engagement was high. You provided detailed feedback in the comments section of the survey, both in areas we excel and where we could improve.

Overall, you believe that READ Saskatoon is a highly regarded organization with a strong board of directors and staff. There is high engagement and satisfaction with communication from us. You also believe our vision and mission is relevant and this has created strong partnerships in the community.

The survey also indicated READ Saskatoon needs to increase its engagement with teens and young adults, possibly offering opportunities geared directly at that age group. Our supporters would like more information on the impact of our work, social issues that are being addressed, and how far their dollar goes in achieving that impact. Many of you felt comfortable enough to indicate you would like a follow up coffee meeting, and/ or phone call to see how you can get more involved in our work.

What’s Next?

The recommendations you made in the report planted some seeds to grow in the new year. We are extremely grateful for your participation and take your comments seriously. Your feedback will continue to create opportunities for our clients by pushing us forward and encouraging us to break new ground.

  • READ Saskatoon Team