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Saskatoon and area is quickly expanding. As the general population grows, so too does the population of those in need of improved literacy. READ Saskatoon is proud to meet (but aims to exceed) the literacy needs of the community, but we need your help.  

Join us in supporting our community. Help write our future. 
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Perks for Authors' Circle members

Donors of:

  • $50 per month (or more) receive 2 tickets to LIT UP!, our gala event 
  • $25 per month receive 2 tickets to Telling Stories and Storytelling event held each spring

ALL monthly donors receive:

  • exclusive news concerning events, programming, and more through a dedicated email list AND, 
  • chances to win invitations to READ Saskatoon events throughout the year. 

The benefits to you

  • joy of your commitment as an advocate of improving literacy in our community
  • convenience,
  • ability to give more through smaller, regular gifts,

The benefits to READ Saskatoon

  • predictable funding leads to consistent programming and builds stability for future planning,
  • reduces the volume of mail we send, using less paper,
  • lower administrative costs.

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You can call 306-652-5448 to set up alternate ways to give monthly.

Invest in the cause of improving literacy. 
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Join us in supporting our community. 

Help write our future. 

READ Saskatoon Charitable Number: 11911 1862 RR0001