Book Donations

READ Saskatoon is part of a larger community group working to ensure families have access to learning materials and books during this health crisis. We are currently sorting out logistics around donated books.
If you email us your name and donation information to we will reach out in a few weeks once we have a strategy in place. 

Books in homes matters.

Too many Saskatchewan families don’t have books to call their own, and we think that’s unfair. So, every year we give away thousands of new and gently used books.

Adults and children need access to books so they can become strong readers, but they also need books of their own. Owning books, and having a home library encourages reading, and as you know, reading is a fundamental skill that has a profound impact on our lives. When you read you open the doors to new worlds, new perspectives, and create new opportunities to grow. We believe every family deserves to experience the benefits reading brings.