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Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy explains what conflict of interest is, how to avoid it, and how it will be resolved.


Volunteer: members of READ Saskatoon Board of Directors and Committees, Tutors, and Learners

Staff: a person who is a current employee of READ Saskatoon

Conflict of Interest: Any situation where a volunteer or staff person attempts to promote a private or personal interest for himself/herself or some other person, which results or appears to result in interference of his/her responsibilities with the organization, or a gain or an advantage by virtue of his/her position with the organization.

Potential Conflict Situations

  • Membership in another group which could influence Board policy;
  • Participation in a decision which results in personal financial gain or advantage;
  • Ownership or shares in a company which will profit from a decision or tender;
  • Participation in a decision directly affecting a spouse, family, close relation, or friend;
  • Use or release of confidential information for personal interests, profit, or benefit;
  • Use of Board property, equipment, or resources for personal interests or profit ;
  • Acceptance or giving of any gift or service by a READ Saskatoon volunteer or staff which could be viewed as payment for services rendered through his/her position unless:
    • It is a gift which is a normal exchange between friends;
    • It is a reasonable exchange of hospitality between persons doing business;
    • It is a token of appreciation.

Action if Conflict of Interest Arises at Staff or Volunteer level

  • In situations where a volunteer or staff declares a personal conflict, or where a conflict is perceived by others, the responsible person shall rule whether or not a conflict of interest exists.
  • While the responsible person determines whether or not a conflict exists, the volunteer or staff shall remove themselves from the situation which causes the perceived conflict.
  • If the responsible person rules that a conflict exists, the volunteer or staff may resign or be reassigned.
  • The responsible person will disclose the details of the conflict (who, what, and resolution) and it will be recorded in the minutes of the next Board meeting.
  • Staff members and volunteers shall declare involvement in an organization or business that may be viewed as a real or perceived conflict of interest.