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RESP Program Partnership Creates Financial Futures

Did you know that READ Saskatoon offers an RESP Matched Savings program? For the past six months this program has been delivered in partnership with Catholic Family Services (CFS) Saskatoon. Along with financial support from Conexus Credit Union, the pilot program has demonstrated that Saskatchewanâ...


RESPs: Yes, they are for you too!

My name is Diane Mukuka and I am the READ Saskatoon Financial Literacy Facilitator and my focus is Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs). I joined READ Saskatoon in January 2018 and have been connecting with community organizations, school coordinators, and parent groups across the city, sharin...


Here's to the Power of Stories

I grew up on stories.   Family and friends, visiting my parents, would sit around the kitchen table, with food close at hand, and share stories with one another. They sometimes paused, mid-sentence, to get the names or details right. Or someone would recall something that everyone else had forg...


Dakota Dunes CDC Literacy Volunteer Award Winner - Constance Thompson

Dakota Dunes CDC Literacy Volunteer Award Winner Constance Thompson Acceptance speech for LIT UP 2018 Thursday, March 15, 2018 When Cory called and asked if I would be around on March 15TH, as something was in the works, my response was simply, “yes, I am around.” Not long after, I received ano...


Family Focus Eyecare - Focus on Literacy and Family Literacy Day

As Saturday, January 27th is Family Literacy Day, Family Focus Eyecare aims to highlight the connection between strong vision and efficient literacy skills. Strong literacy skills begin with vision, since sight is a sense used during learning. As optometrists and staff, we see and hear the stories ...


READ Saskatoon Annual Campaign 2017

“Good morning, READ Saskatoon.” Many times when I answer the phone I hear the stories of people in our community contacting us for the first time. As READ Saskatoon’s Office Manager, I’ve been taking these calls and greeting people at our office for the last five years. People contact us ...


RESPs - Give Them The Chance To Focus On Their Education - Mayor Charlie Clark

Times are changing. And so are the challenges for young people pursuing post-secondary education. Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark knows just how much pressure this can create for young people, and for their parents who are doing their best to help. “There are really a whole range of challenges th...


When Planning For Your Children’s Future, Time Is Your Friend - Felix Thomas

“When planning for your children’s future, time is your friend.” Former Tribal Chief Felix Thomas knows there are a lot of options – and barriers – for parents who are wondering about how to best prepare for their children’s future. There is so much to consider, and it is difficult to...


RESPs- The Earlier You Start The Better Off You'll Be - Steve Peace

“It is possible! If a single mother of 8 can do it, so can you!” Steve Peace shares his encouragement with families he meets through his work at Conexus Credit Union. As a financial advisor, he knows how important it is for families to save for their children’s education. But it was from hi...


Planning for an Education- Masesi Masilela

Masesi Masilela didn’t sleep the entire 20-hour long ride. She had bid farewell to her parents, and with a few belongings and some cash, she boarded a bus and set off to college – over 1,500 km away. “I showed up with enough money to pay for registration, tuition, books, and accommodations,â€...