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  • 19 Jan 2021

    Strong Families Create Strong Communities

    READ Saskatoon is a local literacy organization that offers literacy programs to adults and families...

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  • 09 Sep 2019

    Dramatic Expression

    Volunteering as a Reading Guide for READ Saskatoon may be just the thing for you! I volunteer with ...

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  • 25 Jan 2019

    Prevention is Crucial

    My name is Kayla Schneider. I am the Family Literacy Coordinator at READ Saskatoon. I started my wor...

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  • 04 Jan 2018

    Family Focus Eyecare - Focus on Literacy and Family Literacy Day

    As Saturday, January 27th is Family Literacy Day, Family Focus Eyecare aims to highlight the connect...

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  • 26 Jun 2017

    Top 10 Things We Will Miss About Desiree

    It has been a great run. Thank you Desiree for 12 years of extraordinary, committed, and loyal serv...

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  • 22 Feb 2017

    Family Literacy Month 2017

    Thank you to all of our community collaborators who helped us celebrate Family Literacy Month 2017, ...

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  • 14 Dec 2016

    ‘Ball starts with B'

    “Reading is a pretty huge part of our daily routine.” When it is bedtime for three-year-old Nao...

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  • 14 Dec 2016

    “Literacy is Everywhere”

    “She surprises me everyday!” Bree Chartier and her six-year-old daughter make a great team. Up ...

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  • 14 Dec 2016

    “Family Literacy is the Cornerstone of Lifelong Learning.”

    “Family Literacy is the cornerstone of lifelong learning.” Julie Mintenko did not know what to ...

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  • 14 Dec 2016

    "Stay Calm, Carla, it’s Going to be Okay!”

    “Stay calm, Carla, it’s going to be okay!” This was Carla Cochran’s “aha” moment after ...

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  • 21 Oct 2016

    Family Focus Eyecare - Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon's Community Builder Award Winner

    On August 29, Family Focus Eyecare was recognized for their contributions to literacy in Saskatoon w...

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  • 12 Jul 2016

    Criss Cross Applesauce in the Community

    Over the past year, READ Saskatoon’s Family Literacy team delivered our new, parent-and-preschoole...

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  • 07 Mar 2016

    Family Literacy 2016

    Thank you to all of our community collaborators who helped us celebrate Family Literacy Month 2016, ...

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  • 25 Jan 2016

    The Stobbes

    “There’s no typical morning!” Dave Stobbe and his wife Sarah, like so many parents with young...

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  • 18 Jan 2016

    The Isbisters

    Literacy is so much more than words, and READ Saskatoon’s Financial Literacy Coordinator Tammy Isb...

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  • 11 Jan 2016

    The Tennents

    “Reading is always part of our daily routine,” says Andrew Tennent. Andrew and his wife, Gillia...

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  • 04 Jan 2016

    The Schmidt-Drake's

    Libraries and literacy are a huge part of the Schmidt-Drake family’s life. It’s kind of unavoid...

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  • 13 Jul 2015

    Edna Fischer Blog

    Edna Fischer, a Financial Advisor with Conexus Credit Union, doesn’t do anything half-way. She vo...

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  • 10 Feb 2015

    Family Literacy through the eyes of Catherine, our Family Literacy Program Coordinator

    Before I joined the team here at READ Saskatoon, I only had a very academic understanding of "Family...

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  • 26 Jan 2015

    An Early Start to Literacy Unlocks many Opportunities - Dave Salagubas

    The Salagubas household is hopping. With two children under the age of 3, Dave and Ashley are busy ...

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  • 19 Jan 2015

    Family Time with the Braids

    The Braids are a typical young family. Mom, Kaveri, and dad, Christian, work busy jobs. They have t...

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  • 12 Jan 2015

    The Hockely Family and Literacy

    Life is fun Life is also busy, scrambling chaos. For Dean and Deb Hockley, the busy day to day incl...

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  • 05 Jan 2015

    Masesi's Approach to Parenting: Involve Your Kids in Lifelong Learning

    A healthy family makes a healthy society. This is the greatest lesson Masesi Masilela has learned a...

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