07 Dec 2015

Dave Hutton - READ Saskatoon Donor

David is the managing editor of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.  He holds a master’s degree in journalism from Carleton University and English from the University of Saskatchewan. He has earned several national awards for journalism and writing, including a nomination for a National Newspaper Award, Canada's version of the Pulitzer Prize, for a feature story profiling a homeless alcoholic loved by beat cops. He joined READ Saskatoon as a board member in 2011 and has served as vice-chair, chair, and now past chair. He lives in Saskatoon with his son, Calder, and wife, Amanda. 

Dave Hutton explains why he donates to READ Saskatoon:

“Literacy is important to me because I think it's vital to the success of a community. Literacy serves to make people capable of better lives, better interactions, and a stronger ability to think critically about the information around them. This is fundamental in my role with the newspaper. Literacy helps fight against misinformation. I see this every day at the newspaper. The more a community can read and think critically, the more engaged it is the issues facing the community.” 

“I donate to READ because of the results and the people. Each year, READ Saskatoon holds two fundraisers: Lit Up! and the PGI golf tournament for literacy. The stories shared by tutors and learners are inspiring, almost always bringing me to tears. READ Saskatoon gets results with clear and demonstrable improvement in learners that are living better lives than when they first walked through READ Saskatoon's doors. Above all, though, I donate because of the people, the talented and committed staff that never fail to amaze me in their passion for the organization and the community.”

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