02 Aug 2016

Eekwol - 2016 PGI Poet Laureate

Eekwol (Lindsay Knight) is an award-winning hip hop performing artist in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, originally from Muskoday First Nation, Saskatchewan. For 2016, Eekwol is promoting her 5th full-length album titled, Good Kill.

Eekwol uses her music and words to spread messages of resistance, revolution, and keeping the language, land, and culture alive for the next generations. Through her original sound she displays her activist roots by living and creating as a supporter of both Hip Hop and Indigenous culture and rights. She has successfully completed her Indigenous-Music focused Master’s Degree at the University of Saskatchewan, which she has, along with her many years of dedication to hip hop, used to create something unique and astounding to give back to the community. Along with music and academic work, Eekwol frequently works with young people across the country as a mentor and helper. She achieves this through performances, workshops, speaking events, conferences, and programs.

  1. Why is literacy an important cause?

Literacy enriches the lives of all people. It’s a medium that can be used by everyone. I think it’s important to make literacy as accessible as possible as it opens doors for those who learn in different ways and may have been struggling with traditional education systems.

  1. How do literacy skills play into your professional life?

For me, literacy is essential in my artistic and musical expressions. I am an urban poet who weaves stories with words. I am constantly finding ways to play with words and language so that my work can reach audiences far and wide.

  1. How do literacy skills play into your home/family life?

As an avid storyteller, reader, and writer, my family is always surrounded by stories. My husband and I make reading an essential part of our everyday life and ensure that our children do, too. We focus much of the context on Indigenous histories, languages, philosophies, and spirituality whether it be through children’s books in our Nehiyaw language or academic texts.

  1. Do you see literacy improvement as a driver for other positive outcomes in the city? Province?

Literacy is a bridge for society to gain awareness about each other’s histories and ways of knowing. It is essential in assisting awareness of cultures and communities’ beliefs and systems. By creating, maintaining, and sustaining literacy, people gain a life long passion for continued learning and sharing.

        5. Why have you chosen to support READ Saskatoon?

I am a strong supporter of READ Saskatoon as they have made literacy available to adults and families who may not have otherwise had access to such opportunities. Through literacy, we can continue to build our First Nations, Canadian, and newcomer communities on Treaty Six Territory

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