04 Jan 2018

Family Focus Eyecare - Focus on Literacy and Family Literacy Day

As Saturday, January 27th is Family Literacy Day, Family Focus Eyecare aims to highlight the connection between strong vision and efficient literacy skills.

Strong literacy skills begin with vision, since sight is a sense used during learning. As optometrists and staff, we see and hear the stories about the joy and confidence derived from Vision Therapy or prescribing glasses. It is a joy to see children who struggled with reading, or children whose eye coordination affected their athletic performance, work towards their potential. The joy and success that comes from reading, and its connection to efficient vision, is what inspires our dedication to learning.





Because of our commitment to learning, Family Focus Eyecare has partnered with READ Saskatoon, sponsoring a Saskatchewan Odyssey station. Our station, consisting of Eye Spy, optical illusions, and thaumatropes, demonstrates the connection between strong vision and building literacy skills. Since 80% of our learning comes through vision, our goal is to demonstrate how vision assists our everyday learning. We are pleased to be able to promote the message that improved vision can have a positive impact on school and athletic performance.

The staff at Family Focus Eyecare celebrate 20 years of business in March 2018. Nearly two decades later, our office continues to focus on providing families and the community with optimal eyesight and health. We understand the importance of healthy eyes when it comes to learning, and our commitment is proudly demonstrated through our partnership with READ Saskatoon.

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