11 Jan 2016

The Tennents

“Reading is always part of our daily routine,” says Andrew Tennent.

Andrew and his wife, Gillian, have always found ways to encourage their young sons, Will and Cole, to enjoy literacy in the world around them.

“We feel that setting a strong example with family literacy both reading to the boys and reading ourselves gives them the opportunity to develop a passion for reading,” says Andrew. “We read to the boys and they read to us.”

In a busy household, reading together as a family is a highlight for both parents and children.

“They clearly take great enjoyment in reading,” says Andrew. “They have both figured out that mom and dad will always give in to ‘just one more story!’”

Their oldest son, seven-year-old Will, loves reading so much that he, like many children, likes to sneak in reading when it is past his bedtime.

“He says we shouldn’t discourage him from reading because he’s learning so much!” Andrew laughs.

When the family isn’t rushing from school to work to extra-curricular activities, they are finding other ways of enjoying time together.

“We encourage games that the boys find entertaining and engaging,” says Andrew, “games such as hangman, charades, monopoly, scrabble and others. We encourage them to stay physically active so that they can sustain their attention for reading times.”

Andrew says he learns so much from his children every day. Their curiosity about the world around them has opened his eyes to the many ways that literacy touches people’s lives.

“Whether this is reading signs while we drive in our vehicle or our son’s continuously asking ‘What does this spell?’” says Andrew. “There are many opportunities to include literacy throughout the day.”

Andrew works with Conexus Credit Union, READ Saskatoon’s community partner for this year’s Family Literacy Month. This partnership stretches throughout the year, and Andrew recognizes how important it is for his workplace to be involved in the community.

“Conexus and READ Saskatoon have partnered in many initiatives,” says Andrew. “We have been able to be involved through partnership and develop an understanding of the great opportunities that are provided to the community.”

Andrew recognizes just how important literacy is for children, for families, and for the community.

“We feel that a strong foundation in literacy is important for success in both our boy’s education and futures,” says Andrew. “It is clear how important reading is to our children’s development.”

Literacy is part of a strong family foundation, and Andrew recognizes just how important it is.    

“Reading is a simple, affordable activity that can aid in a child’s development and also allows us to spend time together as a family.”

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