30 Aug 2019

Lions' Learner Achievement Award Winner

Guadalupe Del Cid Soto Maya

Thank you for having me here today and thank you to the Saskatoon Downtown Lions for supporting READ Saskatoon.

I moved to Saskatoon from Mexico 5 years ago on a work permit with Floral Acres. I was here by myself; my family still in Mexico and I did not know any English. I wanted more job opportunities. What I could make in Mexico in a day, was the same as working for an hour in Canada. I connected with Saskatchewan Intercultural Association and began English classes right away. I found work as a cleaner but knew I didn’t want to do that all my life.

I started with READ Saskatoon in 2017 when I was taking English classes through Sask. Polytech. I needed some support and was referred to the adult program. I passed my class and was accepted into Saskatoon Business College in the Administrative Assistant program. I continued with the same coach until I needed help with math. I was grateful when Beth found Will, someone to help me with accounting. I will graduate this fall and hope to find employment in this area.

Thank you again.

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