11 Dec 2019

Literacy Learner Award Winner

Literacy Learner Award Candidate Biography: Lety Zereselasie
(as dictated to Laurie Bonsal)

Lety came to Saskatoon on September 27, 1995. Lety spent most of her life in Eritrea, Sudan and Kenya. Lety loves Canada and feels safe here. She received her Canadian citizenship in 1999.

Since coming to Canada, Lety raised five children who have completed secondary and some post-secondary education. Lety supported herself and family with various cleaning and housekeeping jobs.

Lety joined READ Saskatoon in 2001. When she first started, her English language skills were limited. Lety remembers that she could barely understand her first coach. She is very involved with her church and is a member of the Canadian Women's League (CWL). Lety loves to help others by sewing blankets for charity, running a thrift shop, and joining prayer groups. Lety wants to do more volunteer work when she retires.

Last year, Lety read a church bulletin and learned about a trip to the Holy Land. She was the only person from Saskatoon to go. She is so thankful for all the help she received from READ Saskatoon. Having a literacy coach has helped Lety to live independently and develop friendships in Saskatoon. Lety is thankful for the support she receives. 

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