25 Jun 2014

Margaret Bear, her story

It was nerve racking to say the least.

My first day as a participant in READ Saskatoon’s literacy program, Project Ready, way back in 2005, I never could have guessed what journey I was just beginning, the friends I would make, and the certificates that would come to hang on my walls even to this day.

I have always been a very determined woman, when I joined I was pregnant with my second child and anticipating the outcome of what I was going to walk away with.

When I finished the program, I went on to become a teacher’s assistant at the Whitecap Dakota First Nation Elementary School. This experience opened up my world even further, and made me realize my dreams. I went on to the Youth Care Worker Certificate program at SIAST, but before I could finish I noticed another door opening for me.

This past year, I finished my first year in the Indian Social Work program at First Nations University of Canada. I can say with confidence that I have found what I have dreamed of all my life – my calling for the rest of my life.

Every step forward is taken with all the eagerness possible.

As I sit to write this, I look back to all the times throughout the years that I wanted to give up on myself. I think of all the times I kept pushing, and I recognize that it was so often the people of READ Saskatoon who were there to give me that push I needed.

Thank you, READ Saskatoon, for coming into my life and encouraging me. What you’ve done is so deeply appreciated, and you will always remain a huge part of my career as a lifelong learner.

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