28 Oct 2013

Moe Tellier-Literacy and Adventures

Life is an adventure or nothing at all, and READ Saskatoon volunteer Moe Tellier would know. His desire to give to others and to travel the world has seen him make his mark on both the global and local community. So how did Moe come to join the crew at READ Saskatoon as a tutor? With an adventure, of course!

Before he retired, Moe’s career found him selling Home Improvements at Sears; prior to that he was employed by Provincial Parks and Recreation, where Moe was involved with the supervision of construction in our Parks system. Upon retirement, he combined his passion for travel and helping others by joining an organization called Global Volunteers. His first assignment was to help build an addition on to a school in Costa Rica. The experience was so enthralling that he continued his volunteer adventure on the Cook Islands, where he assisted in building an isolation ward for a hospital. Since carpentry was not his strong suit, he asked if there was anything else he could do to help. He assisted a regional biologist in clearing trails for tours, a task that found him learning all about local geography and meeting many interesting people. From here, Moe began to teach English to children at the local school. This experience was the most rewarding, as the children were so eager to learn and Moe was so excited to teach.

With the excitement of teaching others fresh in his mind, Moe returned to Canada and looked for a local organization that might be able to benefit from his newfound skills. This was when he discovered READ Saskatoon.

Since first becoming involved with READ Saskatoon, Moe has helped in several areas, including one-on-one tutoring as well as the literacy training for immigrants program. Moe continues his quest to help the global community right here at home. Not only is he helping people with their own learning adventures, he is welcoming others to our country by teaching them about our culture while he learns about theirs.

Beyond his devotion as a READ Saskatoon volunteer, Moe is also involved with other events around the city, including helping with the Briar and most recently the University of Saskatchewan Huskies Hockey with the U of S Vanier Cup.

As busy as Moe is, he is still planning his next volunteer adventure. Where will he be off to next? He hasn’t quite decided, but Ghana is high on the list. Wherever Moe goes, adventures in learning and giving are sure to follow.

Are you seeking your own volunteer adventure? If a desire to help others along their lifelong learning journey is on your map, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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