08 Sep 2017

nehiyawak Summer Language Experience

This year READ Saskatoon partnered with Belinda Daniels to assist with the administrative components of the nehiyawak Summer Language Experience Cree Camp. See below for more information about the camp and consider joining the camp next year!

This Cree language camp is a six day summer program founded on the epistemological and pedagogical practices of nehiyawak artists.  The focus of this program is to produce authentic language engagement in the context to enhance and share nehiyaw identity, including ways of knowing and being. The end result of this experience is to tell a story in Cree confidently and understand nehiyaw philosophy, practices and beliefs. Our past participants and students in this program have been engaged in their learning in an outdoor environment that permeates the traditional tipi teachings and an experience they will never forget. Our teachers are artists of many gifts: story-telling, chanting, singing, drum-making, beading, birchbark biting, basket making and acting. 

See links: Video featured on Sasktel Digital Max Tv

Over all Objectives for an unique experience include:

  • Increase the ability to speak and understand Cree over a short time frame.
  • Accelerate the learning capability many fold.
  • Build a Cree vocabulary to enhance and strengthen partnerships with Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike.
  • Understand the meaning behind the words to learn about the Cree worldview
  • To connect to land and to learn from place.

Camp Information

APTN article about the camp

Belinda Daniels Bio

nehiyawak summer language experience survey results 2017 

Report for nehiyawak language camp 2016 - evaluations

It will be held in beautiful La Ronge at the Don Allen Trails!

Let's speak Cree!

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