15 Oct 2014

Dorothy Hyde

Dorothy Hyde's credo is: “put action into what you believe.” 

And act she does! Dorothy has worked for the past 27 years at Radius Community Centre, where specialized employment programs help people obtain meaningful work and improve their workplace skills. She’s a mentor for Leadership Saskatoon, learned trumpet and ballroom dancing as an adult, and is President of the Saskatchewan Literacy Network (SLN).

“People need to be more aware of the link between literacy and poverty,” says Dorothy. Poverty is not about missing food or not having a job.  Poverty is really about a person having limited or no skills. A lack of literacy skills impacts all areas of a person’s life, from not having ID or a healthcard to not being able to read instructions or access technology.

“Being involved with READ Saskatoon reaffirms there is still good in the world,” says Dorothy. “They are fantastic at matching tutors to learners, and helping people in all walks of life.” Dorothy has been referring her clients to READ Saskatoon for many years, and knows firsthand the positive impact of literacy learning. 

The PGI is on Dorothy’s calendar every year. “The PGI is always fun, and full of laughter, challenge and creativity. It’s a great way to support READ Saskatoon and literacy.”

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