22 Mar 2016

Sakina Bikuta's Literacy Coach Nomination

The following is an excerpt from Sakina's nomination letter for this year's Sylvia Vicq tutor award, Lisa Johnson (featured in last week's blog):

My name is Sakina. I would like to recommend my tutor Lisa for the 2016 READ Saskatoon Sylvia Vicq tutor award. I have worked with Lisa for over three years now.

I am originally from the African Congo and then was a refugee in Kenya. I came to Canada in July 2007 with five of my eleven children. Some of my family went to Holland at that time. One big reason I want to have better English is to be able to talk with them over the internet and online ‘chatting’. Another big reason I want to communicate better is to get better work here.

I took some English classes when I first came to Saskatoon, but I had to stop when we had to move so my youngest child could be closer to school. I didn’t feel good about not working on my English, but being a good mother, my children’s needs came first.

I heard about READ Saskatoon from another learner who went there. She told me that they had tutors who could meet on my schedule. I contacted them and started working with a tutor. It was wonderful to start working on my own goals again. I was very happy.

I could not believe that someone would give their time – their brain and their heart – and give them for free.

Lisa is a wonderful tutor. She is patient, always early, kind, and she always makes time for me. She knows I am very busy so she helps me out by calling to remind me of our meeting times.

When we meet we work on reading, spelling, grammar, math and the right pronunciation of words. I am reading out loud, and learning how to understand and comprehend what I am reading. She encourages me to do my best but is very understanding when my family commitments come first.

My goal right now is to move from a LINC Level 3 to a LINC Level 4 for my Canadian Citizenship. I will then work with her to study for my Canadian Citizenship Exam. This is my biggest personal dream right now.

Lisa has a very generous heart and spirit. She really understands my goals and dreams and wants me to succeed. She teaches me to believe in myself and my dreams, and that with hard work, I can make my dreams come true.

She encouraged me to write my own story, and see how I could make it come true. Lisa has helped me plan out my dreams of having a restaurant. She has worked with me as I planned out the music, the menu, and how I will greet guests.

Over the time we have worked together we have become close friends. I am very lucky to have Lisa in my life. With her help, I look forward to reaching my goals in the future.

I request that you please consider Lisa for this award.

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