14 Dec 2015

Sheena Greer - READ Saskatoon donor

Sheena Greer has been passionate about words since she was a child. After she received her BA in English from the University of Saskatchewan, she decided to combine her love of language with the desire to help the community with a career in the social sector. Sheena currently works as an independent writer and consultant for non-profit organisations across North America. She is a passionate advocate for literacy, families, and living in a way that is mindful of others, which is why she is a proud READ Saskatoon volunteer and donor.

Sheena Greer explains why she donates to READ Saskatoon:

“Literacy is important to me because freedom is important to me. Literacy is the greatest tool of democracy, it is the greatest weapon against poverty, it is the beacon for our potential. But beyond all this, literacy connects us to the humanity in ourselves and others – we were born to tell and share stories. And each and every human has the right to feel this connection.”

“I donate to READ Saskatoon because I know my contribution makes a difference. I know it changes the lives of individuals and families living in my community in a way that I could never do just on my own. My donation to READ Saskatoon, and yours too, is a unified voice that loudly defends each and every person’s right to learn.”      

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