27 Jun 2016

READ Saskatoon Supporter - Robert Fisher

As an accountant, a computer consultant, and an entrepreneur in exploration geology, Robert Fisher dreams big and works hard.  His most recent venture uses satellite data from NASA to identify valuable mineral deposits. In the picture below, Robert proudly holds a gold-laden chunk of ore identified through his innovative resonance-imaging technique.

Robert's support for READ Saskatoon is based in his belief in creating wealth in the Prairie provinces. "If a person hasn’t been taught literacy skills," he says, "then they are not employable, and many doors are closed to them.”

“I’m fortunate to have a heritage of learning,” says Robert, “because change only happens through education.”

Robert's Dad started the first school in his pioneering district, near Moosomin.  His mother graduated from high school in Regina in 1930, but was unable to realize her dream of becoming a school teacher. Instead, Robert explains with a smile, “she started her own classroom by having eight children and teaching us all!”

He believes READ Saskatoon has created a culture where both learners are volunteers are deeply committed to learning. “READ Saskatoon is effectively giving people with limited literacy skills an economic opportunity.” As an accountant, he is excited about READ Saskatoon’s financial literacy programming.  

Robert will be on the golf course August 29th, with three friends that he will invite to donate to READ Saskatoon and consider supporting through volunteerism. “The measure of someone is not what they take, but what they give,” claims Robert. “And READ Saskatoon gives a lot.”

For more information about this year's PGI Golf Tournament for Literacy, click here

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