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Corporate Volunteering

Make a difference through your workplace!

Literacy impacts our entire community and prevents people from reaching their full potential. Improving literacy is no small task and requires the participation of our entire community to ensure no one gets left behind.

How can your workplace help further literacy?

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Host a book drive
  • Plan a donation drive
  • Join the READ Saskatoon Board or a committee
  • Help out at READ Saskatoon with office administration tasks
  • Create awareness: Have a READ Saskatoon client, volunteer, and staff come and speak 

Next steps:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Application Form  (Criminal Record Check required)
  2. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you to provide details and arrange a time
     for your group to volunteer 
  3. Arrive and volunteer in support of literacy!

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering:

Volunteering as a group has many benefits, including building a more inclusive community!

Other benefits include:

  • Building stronger relationships and increasing morale 
  • Increasing staff engagement, retention, and job satisfaction 
  • Team building opportunity 
  • Opportunity to develop new skills outside of workplace setting
  • Gain greater understanding of how literacy impacts our community

“He can read bigger words, sounds out, takes his time- not in a rush, connects pictures. Before, I would be so scared to read with him because he was so frustrated. Now he says, ‘Look! I’m getting better!’ ”

– Parent, Reading Guide Program