04May 21

Learn Together, Grow Together

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“I feel super confident, and I aced my math course with a final mark of 94%! READ is such a great program. I will remember the help from my tutors all of my life.” Guadalupe, Lead program

Your support allowed participants to access plain-language resources, attend online programs, and grow their literacy skills last year. Donors and volunteers continue to check in, adjust to changes in events and programs, and give their time and treasure. You ensure our community continues to receive free literacy programs for those who need it most.

We want to take a moment to celebrate a long-time volunteer who has given so much over the years, Rhea Rosvold. Rhea’s volunteer journey began in 2012 as a literacy coach. During her time with us, she worked with five adult learners, inspiring and reminding them that learning is a lifelong endeavour.

“Rhea helped me achieve my dream of becoming an addiction counselor.”

“Rhea had compassion when I felt like giving up.”

“I graduated with distinction, an 89% average. I couldn’t have done it without Rhea.”

“I wanted to increase my reading ability and be able to take books out from the library. I now enjoy reading about gardening and self-improvement.”

Rhea is this year’s 2021 Sutton Volunteer Literacy Award recipient. Her long-standing passion and dedication for helping others achieve their literacy goals reminds us how important volunteers are in supporting our mission. Congratulations, Rhea!

Support for READ Saskatoon comes in many forms. Donors and trained volunteers help us deliver free programs to our community. Like a pen without paper, READ Saskatoon cannot fulfill its potential without them.

 Help us reach more people this year. Become a monthly donor.

When you become a monthly donor, you are part of our Authors’ Circle and join a special group of people who make it possible for those with literacy challenges to access life-changing, free programs through READ Saskatoon. Your gift helps learners who commit to return week after week, month after month, to increase their literacy skills.

Literacy skill development requires long-term commitments. Recurring donors help build our foundation because they know the impact that is made every time a child uses a new reading strategy; an adult learner passes their forklift exam; a family learns new songs and rhymes to sing together at home; and a participant receives money management information to make better financial decisions for themselves and their family.

As a monthly donor, you will experience the benefit of:

  • giving through smaller, regular gifts
  • convenience (set it up once and never think about it again!)
  • being an advocate for improving literacy in our community
  • knowing that you are the backbone of our agency by supplying recurring funding to support clients’ needs year round

Your support makes an impact in our community and we invite you to take the next step and join READ Saskatoon’s Authors’ Circle.

READ Saskatoon is joined by Sutton Wealth Planning, a branch of Assante Wealth Management, to support this campaign by matching the annual contributions made by each monthly donor that signs up. Jay Stark, a partner with Sutton Wealth Planning, believes in laying a solid foundation for READ Saskatoon: “If you are supporting a charity, monthly is a fantastic way to go. It is simple. It can come off your paycheque so you don’t have to think about it … Throughout the year, you can have a bigger impact than you ever thought possible. Every bit helps, $10, $25, $50, it adds up and many hands make light work … it takes the pressure off an organization that you love, and they can focus on their strengths and their purpose.”

Monthly donations are an investment in valuable community programming with well-established results. Please consider clicking the donate button on our website today at


Sheryl Harrow-Yurach, Executive Director

P.S. We would like to express our gratitude to the community for giving in a time that took so much from all of us. Last year, our participants and families were able to accomplish so much because of your generosity. As we look to the future, families will need increased access to free community-based literacy programs to recover from the pandemic. Please consider becoming a monthly donor today.