Conexus Credit Union Jumps on Board for Financial Literacy

Saskatoon, November 1st, 2018 – Conexus Credit Union and READ Saskatoon promoting Financial Literacy Month through continued partnership.

November is Financial Literacy Month. It raises awareness of the importance of financial literacy and the programs available to Canadians to improve their financial knowledge. Financial literacy is a critical life skill. It can help you feel confident about your money and allows you to make smart, responsible decisions with your money.

Financial literacy is something both Conexus Credit Union and READ Saskatoon are passionate about. Through a three-year partnership, Conexus and READ Saskatoon continue to help develop literacy skills of individuals and families within the community. 

"Our members and their financial well-being is at the heart of what we do”, said Norm Duret, Saskatoon Branch Manager, Conexus Credit Union. “READ Saskatoon is a great organization and through our partnership we’re able to make a difference within our communities.”

READ Saskatoon will be hosting a number of events and workshops throughout the month. To end Financial Literacy Month, a financial literacy event with an RESP focus will be held on November 29 at an elementary school. 

“Adult low literacy can be connected to almost every socio-economic issue in our city and province. It is pervasive, subtle and hidden, leaving our Saskatchewan citizens and families vulnerable: vulnerable to unemployment and underemployment; vulnerable to taking the wrong medications, or wrong dosages; and vulnerable to fraud. It isolates people from our community and it presents significant challenges in their ability to assist their own children with their school work,” says Kris Foster, Chair of the Board of Directors for READ Saskatoon. “This partnership will continue to ensure that those who need the greatest access to growing their literacy skills, can confidently do it at no cost to themselves or their families.”

For almost 40 years, READ Saskatoon has delivered one-to-one literacy tutoring to adults in our community through the support of trained volunteers. Its Financial Literacy Program has demonstrated strong outcomes and a continued commitment from their volunteers. Conexus Credit Union’s investment ensures effective support to READ Saskatoon’s financial literacy programs.   

For more information on READ Saskatoon or learns details on the different financial literacy events this month, visit 

About READ Saskatoon
Established in 1979, READ Saskatoon is a volunteer literacy organization that provides adult, family and financial literacy services to individuals and families. Literacy programs are delivered by staff and trained volunteers. Their vision is to help support a community that values literacy, and they believe that lifelong habits contribute to strong and resilient communities. 

Sheryl Harrow-Yurach                                                                                                                                                               t. 306-652-5448                                                                                                                                                           Executive Director                                                                                                                                                                 READ Saskatoon

About Conexus Credit Union 
Conexus is a forward-thinking credit union committed to their members and their financial well-being, defining success, by the success of each individual member. Providing ease, access and value is key to their technology advances and services they bring to market for their members, because banking is no longer a place you go, but a thing you do. Saskatchewan’s largest and Canada’s sixth largest credit union, with over 900 employees and sales professionals throughout 41 locations across Saskatchewan. 

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