Real People - Real Stories

"I think one of the major highlights was getting the phone call from the learner that she had passed her citizenship exam. This was a goal we had been working towards all year and all of her hard work paid off!"  (Tutor, 2014)

"He (learner) became his own medical advocate! He showed me the list he composed for his doctor, “look what I walked in and showed the doctor: a written list'-it clearly and logically shared the issue he wanted to discuss."  (Tutor, 2014)

"I don't think I could have done it without her - I couldn't afford a tutor. She was there for me all through, good and bad. There were some tough times. … she cares about what she does." (Learner, 2015)

"I feel like I can do more - like maybe get a better job or go to school." (Learner, 2014)

"(Typically) I have a hard time sitting with an educator, but we have developed a friendship. We can go away and return to continue where we left off and that is important to me to help me gain more confidence!" (Learner, 2014)

"She (tutor) has really helped me learn how to focus on what I need for the task and how to choose my priorities."  (Learner, 2016)

"I can remember better for work and for home." (Learner, 2015)

"The best thing about the tutor program is the focus on my needs - it is not as if I could just go to a school and have it all ready to go just for me. My tutor looks at what my needs are and looks for things to suit me." (Learner, 2016)

"I wish everyone could have a tutor from there! I feel like I am more connected to the community." (Learner, 2015)

"My tutor is so patient and does such a good job explaining to me so that I feel like I make good choices." (Learner, 2015)

"My happiest moment from the past year was when my learner succeeded in getting an IT (Information Technology) job after interviews." (Tutor, 2016)